No financial transaction can be viewed in a vacuum. These financial transactions ultimately carry state and federal consequences. Part of the tax process is recognizing these tax consequences, understanding them, and electing strategies to reduce or potentially eliminate tax liability. As part of the Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek tax practice, the following services are offered:

Federal and State Tax Return Preparation – While personal and corporate income tax returns are most familiar to individuals, tax returns must be prepared in other situations, including gift, estate, and employee benefit plan returns. The Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek tax practice does not only prepare all these tax returns for clients, but also provides a comprehensive review of the return and assists the client in understanding the underlying components of each return.

Individual and Corporate Tax Counseling – The US Tax Code is incredibly intricate and complex. Understanding the portions of the tax code that relate to your particular situation can not only make you more educated, but can also create significant tax savings. The Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek tax practice can meet with you, help you better understand your tax situation, and assist you in making proactive changes.

IRS Representation –  If you owe back taxes, either individually or through your business, the IRS can and will place liens on your property and levy your assets. Through an Installment Agreement or Offer in Compromise, you can make arrangements with the IRS to either pay your tax obligations over time or settle and pay the IRS a lesser amount. No individual should have to battle the IRS alone, particularly if your issue ends up in a district court or the US Tax Court. Allow Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek to represent your tax interests aggressively and professionally.