When an individual becomes incapacitated or disabled, needing long term care, ensuring that expenses of such care are minimized is of the upmost importance. At Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek we develop strategies allowing clients to pay for medical needs with financial assistance from State and Federal agencies. Generally this assistance takes one of two forms:

Medicaid Planning

Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek can assist clients in structuring their assets to plan for future Medicaid assistance, to apply for current Medicaid benefits, and to ensure Medicaid benefits are maintained in the future.

VA Pension Planning:
If a veteran of the armed forces has served 90 consecutive days, and one of those days was in a period of war, that veteran may be eligible for a government pension. A surviving spouse of such a veteran may also be eligible. The staff at Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek can analyze the veteran’s situation, structure their assets, and help apply and receive approval for VA pension benefits that are often overlooked.