Whether a company is well established in the business realm or just getting starting, proper corporate governance is mandatory in order to help prevent costly claims against the corporation, board of directors, and the owners. At Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek we have resolved corporate governance matters both simple and complex. We have implemented procedures for companies and other entities that have prevailed against an array of legal attacks.

Companies and entities need to have well established procedures for their board of directors and their officers. Many of the duties that are required of board members and officers are not known to these individuals as these duties have become more relevant and salient, post Enron.

At Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek we provide comprehensive counsel on issues ranging from the handling of reports from subcommittees of boards to the interplay of boards with executives and owners, whether they are shareholders, members, partners, or 501c(3) contributors.

We counsel clients on matters regarding proper reporting structures, shareholder conflict resolution, and the handling of propriety information. The duties owed by directors and officers are wide ranging and require an intricate development process in order to properly protect a company or an entity. If a company or entity does not have proper procedures in place, the individual members of the board and officers can legally be held personally liable for their actions. It is imperative for companies and entities to have a sound corporate governance plan so as to help keep liability at bay.

At Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek, we perform due diligence on existing corporate governance plans and also specifically tailor corporate governance plans to meet your needs.