Businesses must negotiate a myriad of complex laws, regulations and tax statutes. Your needs change depending on your company’s stage, including formation, growth, diversification, decline and dissolution.

The decision to develop your own business or buy an existing one can be a life-changing event. There are important decisions to be made initially, including whether it is best to incorporate or to form an LLC, LLP, LLLP, or some other entity. Understanding the legal and tax implications of each, as well as the required formalities and reporting requirements, is critical to your success.

Mills Schmitz Halstead & Zaloudek is skilled in negotiating and drafting contracts and leases, dealing with employment issues and providing legal and business advice, allowing you to focus on your core business and what you do best. Careful planning, research and legal assistance early in any transaction can save hundreds, even thousands of times the initial cost, and ultimately can be the difference between success and the complete loss of your business.

Winding down, transferring to future generations or selling a business must be done methodically and properly in order to avoid legal battles and even personal liability. Additionally, thriving businesses must anticipate and adjust for the death, disability, insolvency or personal liability of a member. We advise, draft agreements and documents and guide your company through such contingencies that have the potential to destroy even the strongest companies.